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California property buyers and sellers earn and save thousands of Dollars. Buyers are rebated 50% of the buyer’s agent’s real estate commission where sellers only pay a 1% listing fee.
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Earn and save thousands of Dollars each time you buy or sell California real estate!



How can buyers get paid when buying California real estate?


When a property is listed with the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), there is a specific commission to be paid to a realtor at the close of escrow who introduces a buyer to the seller. Typically the vast majority of listed properties specify a 2.5% commission of the sale price to be paid to a buyer’s agent upon the close of escrow. Buyers choosing to have us represent them will be paid 50% of the commissions that we earn upon the close of escrow minus a small transaction fee.



Why should California property sellers have us represent and list their properties?


Typically California Real estate sellers pay a 2.5% commission to a broker for listing and marketing their property. If you choose to list your property through us, you will only pay a 1% listing commission plus a small transaction fee. If your property is currently listed with a licensed broker, it is not our intention to solicit that listing.



I am a first time buyer and don’t know very much about the buying process. Am I not better off going the traditional route?

We offer all our buyers the same level of excellent and professional service that only the most experienced realtors offer.  The only difference is that we will not be accompanying you on visits to the property and in exchange we rebate you 50% of the MLS advertised commission due the buyer’s broker minus a small processing fee. We perform all and every expected duty of a licensed professional agent and oversee the entire process from the pre-offer phase to the close of escrow. We are always only a phone call or an email away.

If I listed my property with you, how would we hold an open house?

Most of the time, our local and licensed realtor colleagues are more than happy to host an open house for you. Alternatively, you could also sit your own open house. There are no restrictions as to who may sit an open house. We will give you do and don’t tips that will ensure a successful open house event every time.

Will a buyer receive any paperwork stating terms of the rebate etc.?

Yes, once you find the property that you’d like to place an offer on, we will email you a simple two page agreement that confirms the rebate amount etc. and a copy will be forward to escrow and your lender as well.

If I listed my property with you, how will other agents have access to show the property?

We have two options here, if you are comfortable we can place a lockbox at the property. The code to the lockbox will only be released to licensed realtors who confirm a showing appointment in an email. Otherwise the key will not be accessible to unlicensed individuals. Alternatively, we can have realtors call you directly to make an appointment.

Is there a limit on the number of offers that buyers can make?

There is no limit on the number of offers that buyers can place through us.

Before making an offer, how will a buyer know if the asking price is fair or just how much to offer?

We will provide you with a very detailed market analysis report so you could make the best decision on how much to offer any seller. There are different sources of information available that we can share with you to make sure that your purchase offer is an educated one.

How would a seller know how to correctly price his/her property for the market?

We will prepare a current market analysis report for you. The report will contain detailed information on currently listed and in escrow comparable properties to yours and also recent sold history in your area. We will also share our opinion of the best price based upon the condition of the property etc. Ultimately, it is the seller who decides where to price their property for the market.

As a buyer, what happens to my rebate if escrow is cancelled?

The rebate is only payable upon the successful close of any escrow. If escrow does not close for any reason, there would be no commission to be paid to the buyer’s broker and therefore no commission to split with a buyer.

Does a seller have to pay a buyer’s broker’s commission?

The short answer is no. Customarily, seller pays a commission to the buyer’s broker who introduces a buyer to the seller and closes escrow. Seller do not have to offer a commission, however, if there is no incentive offered, buyer’s agents will not bring their buyers to that property. Per MLS rules however, if your property is placed on the MLS you must announce a commission. This can be a percentage based commission or a pre-determined Dollar amount.

Can a buyer cancel escrow if they changed their mind about the purchase?

Most purchase contracts are subject to certain contingencies. The buyer has a pre-agreed upon time period in which to conduct inspections, do their due diligence and satisfy themselves as to the condition of the property. If obtaining financing, the buyer also has an appraisal contingency and a loan contingency. If upon the expiration of any contingency period the buyer is not satisfied with the condition of the property or is unable to obtain financing, they may cancel the transaction and have escrow return their initial deposit.

How would a seller prepare photos to be used in marketing the property?

You have two options for preparing your property photos. We can recommend a real estate photographer for your area or you can take pictures of your property yourself and send them to us in a variety of electronic ways. We will also share tips on how to prepare your property for photography so you can avoid some common mistakes.

Is there a minimum amount that you keep either as a buyer’s agent’s commissions or a listing broker’s listing fees?

Unlike our competition, we have no such minimums.

Can a buyer collect a 50% commission on a property that is listed by you?

Properties that are listed through us are excluded from the 50% buyer’s rebate incentive.

Will I be assigned the same agent throughout the process? Or will I have to talk to different people?

You will always be assigned one licensed realtor who may also utilize an assistant. But you will always have the same point of contact.

When visiting open houses should a buyer let the agent sitting the open house know that they already have a buyer’s broker?

In order to be able to place an offer on any property and be able to collect the 50% commission rebate through us, as you visit each open house or come into contact with other realtors, please let them know that you do already have a realtor representing you in any purchase transaction. Otherwise other realtors may claim that they in fact showed you the property first and therefore they are entitled to the whole commission.

Can I be both a buyer and a seller and still qualify for the 50% commission rebate?

Absolutely. You could place your property on the marker taking advantage of our 1% listing fee and collect a 50% commission rebate when buying your next property.